Crew Shirts: (Minimum order of 24 pieces)

Crew Shirts are a great way to outfit your team, look good at public events, and even impress your sponsors. With minimum orders starting at 24 shirts, crew shirts can fit into any team’s budget. You supply us with your car number and sponsor logos, give us an idea of what you’re after, we’ll work our magic from there.

Additional Costs:

-logo recreation – your decal guy should be able to supply you with all of your logos in vector format. Any logos not supplied in vector format do require one of our artists to recreate that logo, which do have additional fees
-dark colored shirts (anything other than white) – sizes 2x and up -we can as small as Youth Medium and up to 6x if necessary.
**Anything smaller than Youth Medium requires screens to be reduced in size.
-long sleeve shirts
-regular sweatshirt -hooded sweatshirt
**these items can be mixed in to hit your 24 piece count


Fade Free Ink – All of our shirts are printed with a ‘fade resistant’ ink additive that no other shirt printing companies are using. This means that after your fans wash their shirts a couple times, they’re not going to fade. They’ll look like the day they bought them. This is free of charge anytime you print shirts with Arizona.

For a quote, email us, please reference CREW SHIRTS in your email.
You can also call us at  800-922-9918