What Is

DASH DESIGN: (minimum order of 72 pieces)

If 150 shirts are too many for you, we’d like to introduce another option from Arizona Sport Shirts. Our DASH shirts showcase a photo of your car and incorporate a cool design to the shirt. You supply us a high res photo of your car and we work our magic. The difference between our full custom design and DASH is that we do not draw your car and use all of the colors. We use the photo you supply us, highlight your car with a little bit of your main colors, and design a front & back

Additional Costs – Here’s a list of additional costs that you would possibly have:
-additional vehicles/angles
-dark colored shirts (anything other than white) – sizes 2x and up -we can as small as Youth Medium and up to 6x if necessary.
**Anything smaller than Youth Medium requires screens to be reduced in size.
-long sleeve shirts
-regular sweatshirt -hooded sweatshirt
**these items can be mixed in to hit your 72 piece coun

Fade Free Ink – All of our shirts are printed with a ‘fade resistant’ ink additive that no other shirt printing companies are using. This means that after your fans wash their shirts a couple times, they’re not going to fade. They’ll look like the day they bought them. This is free of charge anytime you print shirts with Arizona. *You Ideas, Your Design – there’s a million different ideas out there for shirt design. Take a look at our website to get a few basic layouts/feels for the way you want your shirt to look like. We’ll design something up and send it to you for approval. IF you don’t have a photo from the track, you can take your car, put it up jack stands, turn the wheels and make it looks like its racing. We’ll do the rest from there

For a quote, email us info@gottarace.com, please reference DASH in your email.
You can also call us at 800-922-9918